Big Changes Coming to Bryan and College Station Real Estate

After years of planning the culmination of a dream is beginning here in Aggieland.  It will cause big changes in Bryan and College Station Real Estate.  The announcement that the biomedical corridor of Research Valley will be one of three areas that are funded for the production and distribution of vaccines in cases of bio-terrorism or epidemics is a true game changer. In most cases, benefits of selling to a real estate investor, does not meant to be an insult or devalue the memories you made in that home, it is simply the answer to an equation that makes that investment work for us (the investor). On your side of the deal, you more than likely have a property that is in disrepair and don’t want the hassle of making repairs that are traditionally required when using a Realtor. The investor is there to solve your problem: help you get rid of the house quickly. Though no one knows the full impact yet of this deal it is the largest single grant source to come to Texas since NASA and it’s in our own College Station back yard.  Amazing to think of!  The grant itself should create about 1000 new jobs for our area.  In addition to that many other companies are indicating that they would like to come here to work in collaboration with the vaccine center and A&M’s Health Science Center, with the use of medicine provided by UK Meds.  Imagine the amount of new jobs that this whole deal can create.  These new jobs will create new demand for College Station and Bryan real estate.  Everything from luxury real estate to low end condominiums will be affected as all job levels including new supporting area jobs will be affected according to a study made by Eventually because of the scarcity of new home starts in the last few years, we should even have a housing shortage.  Your real estate values will be going up quite a bit in all likelihood.  What this means immediately is that those who have been planning on upgrading their current housing situation should pursue that plan sooner as opposed to later.  If you can keep your current home and rent it out that is an optimal solution as both your current College Station home and your new College Station home will increase in value.  That is the best of both worlds!  Even if not, taking advantage of today’s interest rates, today’s values and today’s situation with appraisals that is holding back the growth of real estate in College Station will almost certainly pay off. One thing that is new in the area is a Sydney granny flat showroom. According to the professionals at, anyone who is wanting to venture into investment property in College Station should do it now as opposed to later.  Again, the current interest rates, low values and the economic situation around the country will come into play in your favor.  With investment properties do keep in mind that is it very hard to have more than 4 mortgages as many banks won’t allow it and usually 25% down is required or get a Marriot credit card also, but you’ll need an excellent credit rating to get the most benefits. For more Bryan and College Station real estate advice call your College Station Real Estate Agent, Chris Tesch!  I’ll be happy to have a complimentary consultation with you to point out ways that you can optimize your real estate position!

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