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Bryan and College Station Home Sales Outlook Brightened by National Report

Interest rates are at historic lows.  The economy is looking up and jobs are up within Bryan and College Station.  We still, however, get the questions about whether it is wise to buy.  Let’s start with what the experts are saying. With more than 1,000,000 members the National Association of […]

Preparing your College Station Home For Sale

Preparing your home for sale BAH HUMBUG!!!  That’s what some of today’s seller’s think.  It is vitally important for your College Station home to be prepared and staged correctly to sell quickly and get the best price. Landscaping Counts:  Very few improvements will give you dollar for dollar for your […]

“The State” of College Station Real Estate

Make no bones about it, last year was a challenging year for College Station real estate.  It started strong with the first time homebuyer tax credit fueling a last minute surge in inexpensive homes.  When that wrapped up April 30th (the day buyers had to have their College Station home under […]

Buying a College Station Duplex

Is buying a College Station duplex a good investment?  I have that question quite frequently through the year.  It can be an excellent investment.  Especially considering what you get for your money  and what’s comparable in College Station Real Estate. Let’s take a look at what’s sold throughout the year.  […]

Lakeridge Townhomes of College Station

The new development, Lakeridge Townhomes of College Station, is in development just off 2818 currently.  These 2,3 and 4 bedroom properties are spacious, ranging from 1127 square feet for their small 2 bedroom up to 1857 square feet for their large 4 bedroom and come with a host of amenities that […]

College Station First Time Homebuyer Programs

Are you a first time homebuyer in the College Station or Bryan area?  There are College Station First Time Homebuyer programs that might be able to help you and offer many advantages to stepping forward now! First, let’s talk financing….  An FHA 203B loan is the typical loan that a College […]

Single Family Homes for Sale in College Station

We get many requests for information about single family homes for sale in College Station.  Many people express their desire for a house under 100K in College Station.  If you do find it, let me give you a word to the wise…if it sounds too good to be true it probably […]

College Station Homes for Students

Many parents last year, because the stock market wasn’t performing as well as in the past, would simply pay cash for their College Station condos or homes.  This year credit is king.  Many parents want to put the least amount down that they can achieve.  That would be an FHA […]

College Station Duplexes

In the market for a student property?  Perhaps your looking for your first investment property, even with an eye towards living in one side and leveraging the other.  College Station duplexes can be an excellent choice. Duplexes in College Station were a hot commodity a few years back when USA […]

Bryan and College Station Real Estate Market Forecast

With record low interest rates and large inventory of available homes in Bryan and College Station, where are the buyers?  That’s been the question of the month for sellers and for any housing market followers for several months in a row. Many (especially in the media) are bemoaning the crash of College Stations real […]