Bryan and College Station and Texas A&M Earn Praise

Kiplinger ranked Bryan and College Station as one of the best places to live.  Citing our relationship with industries and job growth Kiplinger went on to state that “College Station and the adjoining community of Bryan represent a cultural,  economic and educational powerhouse”. Forbes ranked Bryan-College Station as #12 out of the top 25 places to retire in 2013.  It also is #5 on Forbes’ 2013 list of the Business Friendly Cities.  No other Texas city ranks in the top 35. According to USA Today, College Station is the fourth best “unknown” place to retire in the nation. ranked College Station as #1 College Town in 2012 Texas A&M beat the hell outta a ton a colleges in rankings:
  • 1st in Texas in student retention and graduation rates — overall and for minorities
  • Smart Money Magazine ranked TAMU 1st in nation in “payback ratio” — what graduates earn compared to the cost of their college educations.
  • In 2011 New York Times survey of business leaders worldwide based on top institutes that they recruit from ranked Texas A&M 1st in Texas and 8th among public universities
  • Kiplinger in 2013 ranked A&M 1st in Texas and 18th nationally as “best value” among public universities
  • Washington Monthly ranked TAMU 2nd in nation among universities based on “contribution to the public good,”
  • U.S. News and World Report in 2012 ranked Texas A&M as2nd in the nation among public universities in “great schools, great prices,” 
  • The Wall Street Journal ranked A&M 2nd in nation for preparing graduates for the workforce
  • PayScale ranked College Station’s Texas A&M Top 10 in nation for return on investment, or what graduates earn in their careers compared to their college costs, PayScale
  • Forbes pegged A&M Top 10 in nation among public schools in earnings of alumni with 10-20 years of experience
  • The Wall Street Journal put A&M at 2nd in nation in a survey of top U.S. corporations, nonprofits and government agencies, based on graduates recruiters prefer to hire to work on different jobs from selling insurances to writing tool reviews by Best of Machinery.
  • 4th among U.S. public universities and 10th overall with an endowment of more than $5 billion
  • in 2013 ranked Texas A&M nationally among public universities in affordability combined with high quality education and high return on investment
College Station and Bryan’s star is growing.  Year by year we get ranked higher for even more categories. Come see what the fever is all about!

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