Bryan Place North Subdivision

$80,000-$120,000 Bryan Place North Subdivision is located off N. Texas Ave and Woodville Rd.  This subdivision offers great affordable housing and is perfect for all buyers. One particular feature about Bryan Place North is that in the past 2-3 years, AV Homes has been developing the subdivision with great affordable homes.  Prices on the new homes range from $99,000 to about $115,000.  Because of the location, qualified buyers have the option to receive Down Payment Assistance through the City of Bryan.  Depending on the individual’s information, buyers can receive between $7500 and $10,000!  The funds are limited and are always replenished each October.  This subdivision offers great access to Texas Ave. as well as Hwy 6 (Earl Rudder Freeway). Residents of Bryan Place North will attend Navarro Elementary, Davila Middle School, and Rudder High School.

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