Changes Coming to College Station Real Estate

Big changes are coming to College Station Real Estate.  These changes should impact our home values within the next 2-5 years tremendously.  Finally after much speculation the government announced that College Station is one of three places to get a grant to produce vaccines in the event of bio-terrisom.  This grant is the largest grant that Texas has gotten since NASA. The minimum impact is 1000 Bryan and College Station jobs.  In a community our size that is a huge number to sport.  These are the jobs directly linked to the actual vaccine center.  There are other pharmaceutical companies coming in to work with these vaccine centers which will create more Bryan and College Station jobs and then you can start counting the supporting jobs for these new households and you should see a ripple effect that grows exponentially. Of course, these new people will need Bryan and College Station housing meaning that, because of new building starts being down or level for the last few years, we may find ourselves with a shortage of housing opportunities for these new residents.  College Station home sellers should consider this when thinking of upgrading homes.  Yes, the value of their current home will go up, but so will the value of the new home.  In my personal case we bought another home and rented out the first one.  It makes for a way of potentially having the proverbial cake and eating it too.  The value of both homes rise as the excellent appreciation shows up. Keep in mind too that if you’ve ever considered investing in College Station real estate now is the time to do it.  Currently we have excellent properties on the market and we have appraisers who aren’t allowing values to go up quickly if at all. Do keep in mind that there may be more rentals than typical so it’s in your best interest to find something that offers added value to attract great renters.  As the price of College Station housing accelerates you can count on your assets growing right along with it. Call your College Station Real Estate Agent Chris Tesch for a complimentary consultation on how to better optimize your real estate position!

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