College Station Neighborhoods

This page contains information about several subdivisions in College Station and includes photos, average pricing, restrictions, schools, and utilities. College Station has a variety of different home options including duplexes, condos, investment properties (such as apartment complexes) as well as single family and new builder homes.  For a more comprehensive search, go to the MLS Home Search which will give you information on all College Station homes for sale. If you are looking for a single family home in College Station or a new builder home then you’ll find these links useful for information about individual subdivisions including pricing and home searches.  

Entry Level Real Estate in College Station

Communities with lower than average beginning pricing,  these will have entry level (120’s to 200’s) to mid level prices within these neighborhoods.  

Mid to Upper Level Real Estate in College Station

These neighborhoods span a wide range of prices from 150K to 600K because many of these neighborhoods are in areas that cater to entry level as well as luxury homes.  

Luxury Level Real Estate in College Station

These homes are typically in the 300K and up range with high end topping the one million mark.  

Acreage Subdivisions with One Acre or More

College Station offers many subdivisions with small acreage lots ranging from one acre to ten, but typically in the one to four acre lot size.  Many of these are in the luxury price range as well.

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