Edelweiss Estates

Search all Edelweiss Estates homes for sale Split by Rock Prairie Road and close to Wellborn Road in south College Station, Edelweiss Estates makes a great choice for your family and has some excellent College Station homes. Many parks, such as Edelweiss Park, playgrounds and soccer fields mark this beautiful subdivision with homes from the high 130’s to over 400K.  College Station Medical Center (the Med) is right up the road, with grocery stores and restaurants nearby as well. Schools are within easy walking distance of Edelwiess Estates with Rock Prairie being the elementary school.  Fifth and Sixth Grade students attend Cypress Grove Intermediate, Seventh and Eight Grade students attend College Station Middle School, and high school students attend A&M Consolidated High School. Utilities for these College Station homes are provided by College Station Utilities (electricity, water, sewage and trash pickup), ATMOS (gas) and Verizon for local phone service.  

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