Peach Crossing Subdivision

Peach Crossing is a new subdivision located near the community of Peach Creek, Texas, an unincorporated area which is located just outside the city limits of College Station.  Peach Creek has a cemetery and community center.
The Peach Crossing subdivision was developed beginning in 2004.  The subdivision is located near Peach Creek, TX, an unincorporated area just outside the city limits of College Station.  The subdivision consists of 48 one-acre lots, and has seen significant construction activity in the past 5 years.  Currently, 81% (39) of the neighborhood’s lots have completed permanent residences. With 1 more home under construction, and 2 lots owned by adjacent permanent residences, the subdivision looks to see only 6-8 new homes started in the coming years.
Peach Crossing is a restricted subdivision, with an active Association..  The Board is the elected body of the Association.  Elections occur in the fall/winter of each year for the coming calendar year’s term.  As an active Association, there are also two active committees, as outlined in the HOA section.  2008 was the first year of the non-Developer led HOA.

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