Saddle Creek Subdivision

9 miles south of Kyle Field is a new College Station subdivision sure to please.  Saddle Creek consists of lot sizes between 1.1 acre and 2.4 acres and is deed restricted, with underground utilities.  A 2.8 acre park with pavillion, pool and soccer fields will sure be nice amenities to come home to!  Homes are expected to be 300K and up with many of the very best builders building in this subdivision. Restrictions include, but aren’t limited to:
  • Architectural Control
  • Homeowners Association (approx $300/yr)
  • Minimum 2,150 square feet homes
  • 65% masonry
  • Building setbacks 50 foot in front, 25 foot side
  • Concrete or asphalt driveways
  • One large animal (horse, cows) per acre, maximum of 4 dogs or cats.  No swine, sheep, goats or poultry
  • Tanks (gas, water, swimming pool filters) to be fully screened with landscaping or decorative fencing
  • No 18 wheel trailer trucks shall be parked in the subdivision
  • No mobile homes
  • Lots cannot be subdivided.
Saddle Creek is zoned to the newest College Station elementary school, Forest Ridge (K-4).  Fifth and Sixth Grade students attend Cypress Grove Intermediate, Seventh and Eight Grade students attend College Station Middle School, and high school students attend A&M Consolidated High School

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