Penny Wise….Pound Foolish

When looking for a home there are many things you should factor in.  For instance, that charming house that’s miles away from your work but is less expensive than the house down the street, will cost you gas and time.  With gas the costs can be directly calculated but with time not so much.  You know the saying time is money?  It’s so true.

What about that mid century modern with the two water heaters and all sorts of outdated appliances.  It seems like a bargain compared to a new house with its tankless water heater and more insulation, higher SEER air conditioner and all brick.stone or hardiplank exterior?  Factor in all those costs and you might be in for a big surprise,

When looking for a house it’s important that you look at a variety of different factors.  Use a Realtor that can and will point these things, and others, out.

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